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Does All Electrical Work Require A Permit?

So in this post Id like to clarify some things with regards to ESA Permits, and work not requiring permits.

As you may know or not know 90% of electrical work done in Ontario needs to have an ESA permit attached to it, and be inspected by one of may ESA inspectors in the province.

I get asked all the time if the work can be done without a permit? and the simple answer is no! It needs to be done right! This protects the consumer "you" who owns and resides at the property It protects the Company doing the work as well making sure that we all are working and doing our jobs properly!

Now with that said you might be thinking what kinds of electrical work can be done without a permit? and here is the short list:

Changing a Light Switch a 2 wire to 2 wire change like for like requires no permit

same with a 3 wire to 3 wire or a 4 wire to 4 wire like for like is just like changing a light bulb and doesn't require a permit but if you are changing from a 2 wire to a 3 wire then yes permit is needed for the required change also needed if you are going from a switch to a dimmer

Replacing an existing Receptacle no permit is needed for this but installing a new receptacle a permit is required for that.

Replacing a 2 wire fixture for a 2 wire fixture a permit also isn't required for that but if you are installing a new fixture or moving the fixture then The permit needs to be pulled for the work! follow the chart below to get an idea of what does and doesn't require the permit.

Talk to Me about the kind of work you would like to have done and I will get you a price for the work, the materials & permit there's nothing like the peace of mind having the work done properly with no issues and in a timely manner!

Donny Crowe : Owner/Master Electrician

Buzzy Bee Electric Services

705 333 6084

ECRA/ESA #7014472

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